Aroma Forest

Aroma Forest was at the origin of the development of several essential
oils specific to Madagascar: Iary, fine Maniguette, ginger, butterfly,
Malagasy helichryses… Their production was developed to support
communities involved in conservation.

Not being the only brand of manufacture and marketing of essential oils

on the market, it was essential to create for the brand an original visual
identity in accordance with this name and aligning as well as possible
with its values.


Brand Strategy
Visual Identity
Brand Support
Web Design

The Logo

The logo is therefore composed of a symbol resulting from the assembly of several elements representing a plant derivative to illustrate: nature, the forest (a reminder of the brand name), the origin of the products. And a drop of water always in connotation with nature, but also to recall the
products which are plant-based essential oils. Everything has been brought together in a graphic game to also demonstrate an abstract illustration of a circuit to highlight this notion of circular economy which differs AROMA FOREST from other companies. The fonts have been carefully chosen to make the logo easy to read and recognizable at first glance. The color green was inevitably chosen to better illustrate nature, plants and the forest. On the other hand, it was necessary to opt for a slightly more up-to-date shade of green to add an even more modern touch to the logo.

The challenge of this project was to create a unique, original visual identity that is perfectly in harmony with the very essence of the brand and to give it an image of purity reflecting a healthy lifestyle close to nature. The graphic universe has been carefully thought out and created to better express well-being, health and nature. All the elements of this visual identity therefore aim to better distinguish the AROMA FOREST brand from its competitors, but above all to allow its targets to identify with its values and the messages it transmits, not only to identify its products.

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We have adapted the new visual identity of Aroma forest on several media including posters and panels.
But we also created the labels for each product and of course the logo animation.