ECE Entreprise de Construction et d'Etudes

ECE- Entreprise de construction et d’Etudes is a main actor in construction in Madagascar. Working for public and private institutions, but also on behalf of individuals in the realization of construction projects of buildings and public works.
As part of the celebration of its 35 years of being, the company has decided to carry out a rebranding. The challenge of the project is therefore to bring ECE into a new era, we have refined its image to create a new graphic universe that reflects its identity and the new direction we want to give it.


Visual Identity
Brand Support

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The logo

ECE’s logo was designed around a strong identity with every detail formulated with accessibility and durability in mind. Innovative and daring in its color, the shapes and the typography chosen, the objective was to give the company a much more dynamic and lively image.

The symbol is characterized by a succession of buildings placed in perspective
while keeping a modern and minimalist line. The ECE typography has been designed to blend perfectly with the symbol while maintaining clean and very readable lines with a strong character.

The Challenge

The challenge of the project is to give a more modern image of the company while showing the 35 years of expertise it has on the clock. We therefore created a visual identity reflecting a desire to move forward while taking the past into account. The objective is to provide graphic consistency on all media but also to set ECE apart from its competitors thanks to a more memorable and remarkable identity. We have adapted the company’s new visual identity on several media, in particular on panels, social networks, goodies, business cards and administrative papers.