THE NOMAD by San Cristobal Hotel

The Nomad is a Malagasy gastronomic restaurant. Its name directly evokes a culinary journey around Madagascar with its local specialties but also the gastronomy of the world.

As part of this project, the client wanted to have a strong and classy visual identity, worthy of its status as a gastronomic hotel. The challenge was therefore to create a high-end graphic
environment that best reflected the luxury and prestige of the establishment.


Logo Design
Visual Identity

The Logo

We have designed a modern and refined logo with meticulously crafted details to best reflect the passion and involvement that the hotel puts into the preparation of their dishes. Thus the green and gold colors were chosen to give a sober and elegant character to the logo. The same goes for the typography which remains minimalist but always with a lot of finesse.

The logo is composed of the initial N for Nomad staged inside a circle whose patterns were inspired by the “Zafimaniry art” of the inhabitants of the southeastern mountainous region of Ambositra in Madagascar who have developed an impressive architectural art over the centuries. The typographies have been designed to best express the hotel’s name and services

The Challenge

The challenge of this project was to create a visual identity
that best expressed the values and prestige of the hotel. We have therefore created for them a classy and chic identity but above all easily recognizable and differentiating from competitors.

We have adapted the company’s new visual identity on several media, in particular on business cards, menus and
administrative papers